Amazon shopper in Ishigaki Island shocked at shipping price of bike


Amazon, the global leader in e-commerce can ship merchandise almost anywhere in the world.  And now with the convenience of Prime, customers can even receive their merchandise on the same day of purchase.

However, Mr. Nema has found out that convenience has a price, but he was shocked that the price of convenience for shipping would be a shocking 60 times the price of the product.

Mr. Nema recently posted on twitter his recent invoice for a purchase of a bicycle for his son for Christmas.  The cost of the bike is ¥15,800 (approx. $130.00) and the shipping is an astounding ¥1,000,000 (approx. $8,500.00). Unfortunately for Mr. Nema, he lives on a small island of Ishigaki, which is approximately 250 miles off the island of Okinawa.


The invoice looks like its upside down with the price of the merchandise being the tax for shipping.  Many feel on twitter that Mr. Nema should of cancelled the order and purchase a bike from Okinawa bring it by boat, but Mr. Nema was determined and actually went ahead with the order, but sadly the product did not arrive at the promised Christmas day.  The comment he told his son was that ” Santa does exist, but unfortunately that excludes islands….”


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