Edible life like sushi

koi sushiSushi in Japan has always been presented by chefs to their customer to eat with their eyes first to visualize the beauty of the ocean and nature, however this may be a little too literal.

The presentation is very beautiful and artistic.  This is a very clever use of a raw and translucent squid shaped into a carp with actual miniature fins and small eyes.  Many will see the beauty in this presentation, but others may be put off knowing that real nishiki koi (ornamental carp) are often found in dirty ponds around parks and Japanese gardens being fed on pellets.  Biting into one of these sushi might subconsciously bring up that thought.

koi sushi2Netizens also have mixed reactions as well.  Some find beauty and a little fun and cuteness from these Koi look-a- like sushi, while some funny comments include “loss of appetite or don’t play with your food.

koi ika sushisource: www.blog.livedoor.jp

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