English that only a native Japanese can read

electroharmonix textThere is font that only a native Japanese speaker can read is getting a lot of attention lately on Twitter.  A quick glance at the above font looks like Japanese katakana, however some Japanese native speakers may take a while to realize that this sentence is actually in English.  Aside from the first 3 letters, the sentence is all in English.

As you can see, the straight lines in the English alphabet has some similarity to the unique straight lines of the Japanese katakana script, therefore the reasoning behind the creator of this font spinning and rearranging the katakana characters to resemble the English alphabet.

But for those that are not familiar with katakana will actually find it difficult to read the above sentence  English.

The font is called Electroharmonix and you can find the link to this free font below.

source: www.gogotsu.com

electroharmonix font

Did you know: The falling Matrix code is also mixture of katakana and Arabic letters that are mirrored.


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