Ferrari Testarossa in a love hotel

ferrari love hotel

According to a recent DailyMail article, there are more than 37,000 love hotels all over Japan.  These popular overnight hotels charge by the hour for discreet activities.  Although the purpose of these hotels are for secrecy, the exterior is often not the case.  With bright neon lights and miniature replicas of castles to invite customers for a night of fantasy.

The inside is no different.  Most love hotel rooms are elaborately decorated with unique themes such as dungeons and space ships, as well as class rooms and office settings for those unconventional thrill seekers.  But the ultimate fantasy that most car enthusiasts  want besides sex is to drive a Ferrari and this love hotel is offering the the best of both worlds.


bird cage room love hotelrainbow room love hotelclass room love hotelPhotos above courtesy of Kotaku

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