Food Challenge – Eat 2 bowls of Salmon Ikura Don and get 8000 yen

ikura salmon donburiSalmon Ikura Bowl or known in Japan as Sake oyako donburi, which translates to  “Salmon parent child bowl” consists of a bowl of rice with raw salmon sashimi slices topped with salmon eggs, thus the parent child combination.

This particular restaurant is offering a food challenge of eating 2 bowls of this delicious salmon goodness in 40min to get a reward of 8000 yen, which is approximately about US$68 dollars.  Fail the challenge and the patron must pay the restaurant 1200 yen (approx. US$ 10.00).

600 yen per bowl is actually an incredible bargain and many have commented that you get more that your money’s worth to just to take your time and enjoy it for the price of 1200 yen.

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