Humanoid smartphone robot RoBoHon



robohonSharp has developed a small  hand held mobile smart phone robot, “RoBoHoN”,  which is slated to go on sale in the beginning of 2016.

Robohon is a colaborative effort by robot creater Tomotaka Takahasi (Robot Garage) and Sharp, incorporating Mr. Takahashi’s robotic engineering and Sharp corporations mobile phones to create a next generation humanoid robotic smart phone.

This bipedal walking robot is only 19.5 cm in height (approx. 8 inches) and light and easy enough to fit in a pocket or bag to carry it with you anywhere.  It is also a mobile phone using LTE/3g network, voice capabilities and can send and receive e-mail.  Just like any other smart phone,  RoBoHon also comes with a camera.  One unique feature is a newly developed focus free small projector that can project any image on a wall or desk.

RoBoHon can also use voice commands to respond to your needs in hopes to build that communication and natural attachment.

robohon calling


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