Popular hamburger in Japan doesn’t have buns.



There is a popular hamburger that has been getting a lot of attention lately on the net.  The restaurant that serves this burger is not your typical fast food establishment.

The name of the restaurant and bar is Shake Tree and their most popular item on their menu is the “Wild Out” hamburger.

However, unlike most hamburgers, this burger does not have buns.  The concept is simple, tomato and cheese sandwiched between 2 juicy meat patties.  That’s it.  A perfect alternative for those wanting to limit their carbs.

To appreciate the juiciness of the beef, the staff at Shake Tree asks customers to not use a knife or a fork and bite into it with both hands.  Without the buns, it is quite a messy experience, nonetheless it is a juicy burger using minced meat to allow the burger to be cooked medium rare.

According to the owner, a hamburger is all about the meat and this hamburger fulfills that concept of thinking outside the bun, thus the name “Wild Out”


source: http://gogotsu.com/archives/24592

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