Top 10 least popular Pokemon

Top 10 least popular, low-profile, or inconspicuous Pokemon characters.



  1. Numel            (Japanese: Donmel ドンメル)


chingling2. Chingling       (Japanese: Lisyan リーシャン)

quilfish3. Quilfish          (Japanese: Harysen ハリーセン)

skiploom4. Skiploom       (Japanese: Popocco ポポッコ)

croconaw5. Croconaw      (Japanese: Alligates アリゲイツ)

prinplum6. Prinplum       (Japanese: Pottaishi ポッタイシ)

bergmite7. Bergmite        (Japanese: Kachicooru カチコール)

glameow8. Glameow       (Japanese: Nyarmar ニャルマー)

gulpin9.  Gulpin            (Japanese: Gokulin ゴクリン)

sigilyph10. Sigilyph          (Japanese: Shinboraa シンポラー)

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