Why Japanese go to KFC for Christmas

kfc-premium-setTraditional Christmas in the US would be a time where families come together and exchange presents and have a festive Christmas feast, which often times would be a whole roasted turkey enough for a family gathering.

Japan has adopted the Christmas tradition, but with a slight twist.  Christmas is interpreted as a time for couples to share a Christmas cake as opposed to presents.  And when it comes to a Christmas feast, the choice, or should I say the go to place for a meal is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

So, how did this tradition come about.  Within the past few years, thanks to social media and many youtubers vlogging in Japan, we have come to understand that Christmas meals in Japan equals eating Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In the early 70’s when KFC first came to Japan, it was introduced to Japan as a popular western food.  During this time KFC advertised the fried chicken as a special family meal during Christmas in place of the traditional turkey in America.

According to recent article (source below), the sales for the 3 days during the Christmas holidays is equal to about 1 months of sales. A recent KFC employee commented that the amount of chicken sold in 1 hour during Christmas time is equivalent to the volume sold on a typical day.

Thanks to a clever marketing strategy and Japan’s love for western culture, KFC has established a unique Christmas tradition that continues to this day.

Source: http://pinspo.com/6256.html

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